Human Resources

Altec Integration’s Human Resources constitute the major axis for its dynamic development and effective operation.

The high level of cognitive training and experience of its staff, combined with modern technology utilization, creates a competitive advantage over its competitors, helping to maintain its leadership position in the IT industry. Altec Integration SA invests a significant part of its available resources, to modern methods and tools for efficient management and training of staff, even on the most specialized fields.

The below table which depicts our educational training, shows that at least the 2/3 of Altec Integration’s Personnel hold qualifications, mainly in the specialized areas of Computer Science (H / W & S / W) and Telecommunications, and secondly, in the field of Business Administration, Economics and Marketing / Sales.


Human Resources Table (education levels)

Educational Level No of Employees Percentage %
Intermediate 20 31,25%
Technological 14 21,88%
Higher Technological 12 18,75%
Higher 13 20,31%
Postgraduate 5 7,81%
Total 64 100%