Company Profile

Altec Integration although a newly registered company but is carrying 25 years of experience! as it is the autonomous succession of ALTEC S.A. (2001-2009) integrated IT solutions branch, in a renewed corporate form. ALTEC S.A. was the merged continuation of several IT system integration companies (1995-2001).

Altec Integration S.A. specializes in providing exclusive services in the area of integrated information systems. Its services provision, starts from studying and designing solutions satisfying the customer’s needs due to detailed conducted analysis, it continues with the development of the required customized software and/or applications, system installation, configuration management, provision of the system maintenance services, and as the project gets completed it provides additional services such as personnel training and transfer of "know how" to the customer. Thus, the company has the capacity to provide to its customers all the necessary competitive advantages along with the capability of fully exploiting their information infrastructure systems, as well as effectively responding to the rapidly changing business and economic environment.

Giving particular emphasis on the human factor, the company has skillful and adequate manpower under its employment in order to perform its required tasks. The personnel have succeeded important corporate certifications and are combining their professional competences, know how and experience with their desire for work.

In order to meet customer expectations, Altec Integration S.A. is working in close cooperation with its customers, experiencing how they work, understanding their needs, listening to their concerns and efforts embodying their objectives and planning. When all the necessary data are accumulated, in a quick and effective way, the company carries out studies and proposes future plans, implements and supports the required information technology infrastructures and customized software/applications satisfying the customer's needs in full. Thus, a long term relationship of high value is developed between the customers and the company.

Nowadays, Altec Integration S.A. has developed important and very strong partnerships with several high technology vendors. Microsoft, Oracle, Fujitsu, IBM, HP, Cisco, NetApp are some of those partners, the products and technologies of which are adapted and offered to the customers together with Altec Integration S.A services. Thus, the provision of efficient and effective services and systems to the customers is secured, aiming in satisfying their needs completely.

Altec Integration S.A. is the most suitable technological partner for Public Administration, Public Enterprises, Private Sector Institutions and Banks. This is the main reason why Altec Integration S.A. can present a broad client base, having adopted business relations with them for more than ten consecutive years. This fact alone is sufficient for proving the competence and commitment the Company provides in offering to its customers the best solutions of the highest quality.