History Highlights

1988 - 1993 ALTEC S.A. is founded mainly operating as a distributor of IT and Communication products. In quite a short time, ALTEC S.A. excels in the market by adopting a different business approach resulting to expansion, in the area of information technology development. Special emphasis is given in providing these services whilst ALTEC S.A. envisages the IT and telecommunications convergence in the Greek Market. ALTEC S.A. plays a major role in the utilization of the development structures of the Hellenic State, as well as EU funded programs. The Company is established in the area of Applications Research and Development and is awarded with respective international prizes. A network of companies under the same group environment is created, focused in the areas of information technology and communications. In 1993 Sysware S.A. is founded as a subsidiary of ALTEC S.A. with its business approach targeting on systems integration and related services provision.
1995 - 2001 Creation of Altec Group of Companies, resulting of an integrated development strategy by the establishment or purchase of companies in the area of the five major levels of the Greek ICT market: System Integration, Application Development, Networking and Telecom, Product Manufacturing and Retail Networks. Altec’s expansion strategy is based on capital investments from the market, in subsumption to the provisions of the Law for Development and own capital investments. The result is the creation of a of high value organization of significant volume, with significant assets, accumulating an extensive experience and expertise from a great number of scientists and executive members of the Greek market. During the same period the group is expanded in Southeast Europe by establishing subsidiary companies in Romania, Bulgaria and Representative offices in Serbia and Cyprus. These companies continue their operation until today and Altec Integration S.A. is in close cooperation with them implementing projects within the EU market.
2001 - 2009 Creation of ALTEC S.A. Integrated Solutions Branch, as an internal business unit. This branch derived from the fourfold merger of Sysware, Stat, AfT, Atex under Altec S.A. aiming in the development of integrated information and communications systems. The Customized Software Applications branch of Unisoft which was an individual business unit following the acquisition of the software company Sitec is also incorporated under the same Business Unit, thus completing the solutions completeness of the ability to implement large scale projects.
2009 Establishment of Altec Integration S.A. as an independent corporate, legal and business formation. This new company absorbs entire integrated solutions field of ALTEC S.A. (customers, projects, contracts, infrastructure and human resources). It is the natural, functional and business strategy continuation of Altec S.A. for systems integration and provision of high quality services, which is in substantial and continuous operation for over 17 years under different business expressions but always focusing on the same target.